Moscow, the political and business capital of Russia, is the most expensive city in the world, beating out even London and Paris. Notorious for its billionaires, ridiculously expensive cups of coffee, beautiful metro stations, and exclusive nightclubs, Moscow will be a far cry from Middlebury, Vermont. St. Petersburg may be known as the soul of Russia, but Moscow is its heart.

Main Attractions

  • THE Kremlin – office of current president Dmitri Medvedev and PM Vladimir Putin
  • Red Square and Lenin’s Tomb (although he might be moved in the near future)
  • The Bolshoi Theatre
  • St. Basil’s Cathedral (think colorful onion domes)
  • State Tretyakov Gallery – museum of Russian art
pictures of the above (and more) to come!


A wonderful map of Russia.

Russia’s largest city, Moscow is also one of the ten largest cities in the world. Situated in western Russia, Moscow is located on the Moskva River.

Fun facts

  • With 74 residential billionaires, the number in Moscow totals nearly three times the quantity in New York.
  • Seven buildings in Moscow look exactly the same: two hotels, two administrative buildings, two apartment buildings, and Moscow State University.

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