Troika’s Last Post

May 21, 2012

Today is a day to celebrate! Since our first posts in August 2011, Troika has accomplished an impressive amount. We…

  • Created 100 posts
  • Gained over 11,111 hits
  • Entertained over 40 official subscribers
  • And reached out to readers in over 45 countries

Most crucially, however, we did our best to create a blog that would be sincerely useful for our audience. We hope that Troika creates an opportunity for future students to arrive in Russia better prepared and excited for their year abroad, for people from around the globe to peek into the Russian world through a window we’ve provided, and perhaps for our Russian friends to have a good chuckle over their seemingly strange (though steadily learning) American friends.

Thank you, truly, for your readership. It’s been a pleasure writing for you!

Your Team at Troika,
Sarah, Nate, and Hillary


Happy Victory Day to one and all from Troika!

Today was a day full of parades, dancing, and celebration from the Red Square in Moscow to every corner of the Russian nation! May 9th is Victory Day for the Russians and marks the end of World War II, known here as the Great Patriotic War. This day is used to celebrate surviving veterans of the war, as well as to remember the millions of casualties from Russia and other states of the former Soviet Union. On Victory Day many Russians attend local festivities, watch the Red Square parade on TV or in person, or go to their dachas with friends and family.

С праздником, наши друзья!


Happy New Year’s!

January 5, 2012

This video was made for the 2011 New Year’s. New Year’s Eve is a time for Russians to flit from party to party clad in costume in anticipation of the countdown–a time for entertainment, music, and laughter.

Merry Christmas from Troika!

December 25, 2011

While in the United States many Americans are celebrating Christmas today, the thought of Рождество[1] is still far from Russians’ minds. The closest Russian holiday to today is Новый Год[2], the biggest Russian holiday of the year. Because of the Orthodox Calendar, Christmas in Russia actually falls on the 7th of January. During the time of the Soviet Union, the holiday was drastically de-emphasized as the government made an attempt to secularize the Russian society. Christmas was reintroduced after the fall of the Soviet Union and is once again celebrated by Orthodox families. Many of the things Americans associate with Christmas (i.e., Santa Claus, Christmas trees, presents) Russians use to celebrate New Year’s.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

[1] Christmas

[2] New Year’s

Happy Voting, Russia!

December 4, 2011

Today, the 4th of December 2011, is the election day for Russia’s state parliament. In this election, the sixth state Duma will be chosen. While seven major parties are competing, only the four with the highest number of votes will attain seats in the Duma.

The Major “Who’s running?”

  • Единая Россия (United Russia): Putin and Medvedev’s Party, currently holds the most seats in the Duma
  • Коммунистическая Партия Российской Федерации (Communist Party of the Russian Federation): Holds seats in the Duma
  • Либерально-демократическая Партия России (Liberal-democratic Party of Russia): “Russia for the Russians,” holds seats in the Duma
  • Справедливая Россия (Fair Russia): Holds seats in the Duma
  • Аграрная Партия России (Agrarian Party of Russia): No current seats in the Duma
  • Российская Демократическая Партия “Яблоко” (Russian Democratic Party “Yabloka,” or “Apple”): No current seats in the Duma
  • Гражданская Сила (Civilian Power): No current seats in the Duma

Helpful links from Troika to you:

С днем голосования, Россия!


Happy Thanksgiving!

November 24, 2011

To all of our friends at home and abroad, we would like to say “Happy Thanksgiving,” or more appropriately, “С Днем Благодарения!” While Russia of course does not share this holiday with us, we can’t help but remember that we have so much to be thankful for: our opportunity to travel abroad, meet so many fascinating people, and have so many thrilling and exotic experiences.

Last but not least, thank you! Your readership is an inspiration for us to continue exploring and writing. We are so grateful for all of your comments and for the thousands of hits you have given Troika. Enjoy your turkey and pumpkin pie!

Пока пока,