Things to See: The Music and Time Museum

April 28, 2012

After hosting a few visits to Yaroslavl, I began to realize that there were certain things I really wanted my friends to see before they left–and I want you to see them, too! So, welcome to the kick-off of our little mini-series, “Things to See” in Yaroslavl.

I’d like to start with the Музей “Музыка и время”, the Music and Time Museum, because there’s something in it for everyone! This museum is in a fantastic location–it’s along the banks of the Volga and near a lot of other great sites (and hotels!). In the museum, you can find:

There is, however, a method to the madness. When John Mostoslavsky founded the museum in 1993, he put into it things he personally collected throughout his life, all of which tie into the theme of either music or time. Musical instruments, bells, icons, clocks, records, irons–“Hem hem and how exactly do the irons fit in?” Well, the collection of irons show you the development of iron technology over time!

Our tour guide shows off the bell collection

Clever, right?

When you enter the museum, you are immediately  greeted by the small staff. I have found them to be incredibly friendly, and  they’re willing to give tours in multiple languages! In a whirlwind walk-through, your guide explains the various exhibits and demonstrates how the different instruments work.

After that, you’re given leave to explore the museum for yourself. Photography (as you can see) is permitted. There’s also a great little gift shop where you can find souvenirs for the city of Yaroslavl and for the Music and Time Museum specifically.

See? I brought my dad! Hi, Dad!

One of the reasons that this museum is such a great find is that it’s so incredibly unique. It’s an early Russian private business (you couldn’t have that under the Soviet Union), it’s in what used to be a home, and it has a pretty wild collection of knick-knacks. Neither the collection nor the tour reflect a typical museum experience. It’s definitely a recommended activity for families, too! Also, the museum is only a short walk from the center of town, and is located near the Yaroslavl Art Museum, the History of Yaroslavl Museum, the Spaso-Preobrozhenski Monastery, the Singing Fountains, and a handful of interesting statues and cathedrals. If you have limited time in Yaroslavl, this is definitely a stop to make as you whiz through our sites!

So, how do you get there? The address for this museum is:

Confession: The gramophone wasn't playing

Волжская наб., 33, Ярославль, Россия
(33 Volzhskaya Naberezhnaya, Yaroslavl, Russia)
The opening hours are from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Costs for tickets are 100 rubles (~3 USD) for adults and 60 rubles (~2 USD) for children. And, as with most sites here, there’s a student discount! Just show your student ID when purchasing your tickets.And that concludes our first  episode of “Things to See” in Yaroslavl! I hope that you enjoyed your tour, and that you get to see the Music and Time Museum in person someday.



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