Presidential Election Results

March 5, 2012

On Sunday, March fourth, the Russian presidential elections took place. Russia and the world looked on as Putin’s vote count rose exponentially higher, making him for his third (non-consecutive) term the President of Russia. This time, the presidential term will last for six years.

The Candidates and Results:

  • Vladimir Putin of United Russia, 64.59%
  • Gennady Zyuganov of The Communist Party of the Russian Federation, 17.07%
  • Mikhail Prokhorov, 7.18%
  • Vladimir Zhironovsky of The Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, 6.29%
  • Sergey Miranov of A Just Russia, 3.76%

Notable Events:

  • Putin crying as his victory becomes clear

On the ground:

A day before the elections, my Russian classmates were discussing if they would vote and who they would vote for. The main sentiment was no one knew who they wanted–they just knew it wasn’t Putin. Teasingly, one of the students turned to me and went, “Hey, Sarah, are you voting tomorrow?” I laughed and started to pretend that, well naturally I would! The teasing question made me realize, however, that if I were them, I wouldn’t know who to vote for either. There never was any realistic, united opposition against Putin for people to agree upon and rally behind.

On Sunday, as Putin’s vote count rose ever higher, I was naively shocked. After all the demonstrations and all the negative I’d been hearing, how was this happening? I asked a Russian adult, who responded, “Well, it’s corrupt, of course.” Her opinion was that Putin certainly has a large, stable group in Russia–but it’s not over 60% of the population. The numbers were too high. After discussing this, she said, “Well, I’ve been thinking about it. He’s young. He’s energetic. He’s done this before. Maybe he won’t be too bad.” As ever, Russia looks forward in hope for her future.


One Response to “Presidential Election Results”

  1. What an incredible time to be in Russia. Take care!

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