Sarah and Hillary’s Moscow Adventure

February 25, 2012

Hillary and Sarah on the Red Square

Look! St. Basil’s!

Last Sunday, I had the pleasure of visiting Hillary in Moscow for a day. I took the 7:15-11:13 train into the big city and Hillary very kindly met me at the Комсомольская[1] metro, right next to the Ярославский[2] train station.

Within moments, I had my metro card and we were off! We went first to the Red Square (обязательно видеть![3]). Standing in the middle, we could see everything from the famous St. Basil’s Cathedral, to Lenin’s Mausoleum, to the Kremlin, to the world-renowned ГУМ[4]shopping center. After a few quick photos, we scurried into the Государственный Исторический Музей[5].

Shopping Success!

After our fast paced site seeing and museum touring, it was time to relax! We headed over to a wonderful little café that Hillary frequents for some coffee and pastries, then set out on a very important mission: Moscow shopping. It turned out that we couldn’t have picked a better time. While shopping in Moscow is usually quite expensive, we lucked out with the end-of-winter sales. Two stunning, Russian winter jackets for $70? Don’t mind if I do!

We trudged back to the metro, heaving behind us our enormous bags of shopping spoils. That whole “relaxation” thing turned out to be a bigger work-out than we anticipated! By the time we arrived  at Hillary’s apartment, we were getting hungry.

Toppings are fair game for snacking until the pizza’s made

Hillary and I did some quick food shopping for fresh ingredients. After that, we (and by we, I mean Hillary!) set to work making a pizza from scratch. Around 10:00, it was time for me to catch the train home. That was, without a doubt, the most productive day of my semester so far!

Hillary, thank you so much! You were such a wonderful guide and hostess, and I had a blast touring Moscow with you. I can’t wait for you to come visit Yaroslavl!

[1] Komsomolskaya

[2] Yaroslavsky

[3] Must-see!

[4] GUM: The Harrod’s of Moscow

[5] State Historic Museum


One Response to “Sarah and Hillary’s Moscow Adventure”

  1. No, thank you for such wonderful company! It was such a treat to have you in Moscow (and now you’re a pizza expert, too). You are, of course, welcome back any time – and I already have plans to visit you in Yaroslavl underway…

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