Just How Cold Is It, Really?

February 16, 2012

One of the most popular stereotypes of Russia is that–well–it’s cold! Here in Yaroslavl, we’d been hovering around a solid -30 until a recent snowfall brought the temperature up a bit. People are still wandering the streets in full fur coats and furrier hats to match, but the -30 air that felt too icy to breathe has worn off. I took advantage of our heat wave (-10! Woohoo!) to take a few pictures and observe my snowy surroundings. So without any further ado, here’s just how cold it is in Yaroslavl. Really!

It’s so cold that:

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Hillary and Nate, I’d love to hear just how cold it is in Moscow and Irkutsk! Nate, I’ll bet you in particular have had an interesting time–I’ve heard the dry cold in Siberia is by far the chilliest!

Writing from a toasty warm apartment,



One Response to “Just How Cold Is It, Really?”

  1. Yes, -10 is positively toasty. I’ve spent many winters in Vermont, and never once worn leggings under my jeans. In Moscow in late January, that is a must. Going without a hat or hood marks you as a foreigner for sure, here – just as prancing across ice in stilettos will lend you an authentically Russian air. (Although the majority of women here actually where flat winter boots). Don’t hate on fur coats until you’ve survived a Moscow winter!

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