New Year’s Resolutions

January 22, 2012

After seeing Sarah’s post, I was inspired to add some New Year’s (or at least spring semester in Russia) resolutions. Here are some updates on how I’ve done on my initial goals for my year abroad, and some new one’s I’ve come up with.

How I’m doing on my initial goals:

I have eaten an absurd amount of sour cream – but now it’s all about tvorog. This spring, I will eat so much tvorog, of all types, so as to be thoroughly sick of it by the time I leave. This may be impossible – I’ll keep you updated.

I have visited Lenin’s tomb – which was eery and dimly lit by a strange reddish light. Note to all: I do not want to be waxenly preserved after death.

I have read Bulgakov’s Master and Margarita in Russian, in addition to Jane Austen’s Emma and Dostoevsky’s Idiot. I’ve got a healthy stack I’m currently working on – plus all my new textbooks on combating corruption!

I have walked around Red Square, many times – when it warms up a bit (i.e. in May) I’ll be able to read Akhmatova. Right now, I couldn’t turn the pages with my incredibly thick mittens.

I have purchased my ticket for Swan Lake at the Bolshoi – in about a month, I will tell you just how wonderful it was.

I have mastered the Moscow subway – the Berlin metro felt so calm, roomy, and polite. I’m with Sarah – I’ve become to pushy to take the metro in a civilized country.

Stilettos on ice? Honestly, I have enough trouble in flat boots. A chunky two-inch heel on my dress boots will have to suffice. My Russian speaking is still recovering from my week of English, but my listening comprehension has incredibly improved, as has my ability to quickly read in Russian. (Thankfully, since my reading list for Thursday’s seminar includes 3 books plus several many-paged articles).

And this spring, I will:

1) I’m with Sarah, I need to make it up to St. Petersburg – considering it’s just a train ride away, I feel a bit guilty I haven’t made it there yet! Plus, this spring, lots of friends from Middlebury summer school are studying abroad in Piter – yet another reason to get there.

2) draft a concrete strategy on combating corruption in Russia – and present it to a panel of experts and government officials. Thank God that will be a group project with some native Russian speakers…

3) See the remaining plays running this season at my favorite Moscow theatre СТИ. I’ve seen three, I already have tickets for three upcoming performances – that leaves four.

4) Attend a Russian Orthodox Easter service – I was sick over Russian Orthodox Christmas, so Easter will have to do!

As the semester progresses, I know I’ll come up with more ideas and plans – Nate’s a bit too far away in Irkutsk, but Sarah and I will do some adventuring together!

Back to biathlon,



2 Responses to “New Year’s Resolutions”

  1. Heather said

    Get it girl! I’m so impressed that you finished Master and Margarita! I started it (along with about 10 others) and promptly fell off the bandwagon. NYR = war and peace po russkii by the end of the year…wouldn’t want to rush into anything:) Love catching up with all of your goings-on….and waiting for you in SPB!!

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