Yaroslavl New Year’s Resolutions

January 5, 2012

As the New Year is kicking off, I can’t wait to get back to Russia. I’ve been using my nice long winter break to travel around the U.K. Visiting friends, I’ve encountered a bit of reverse culture shock. What do you mean I’m supposed to “queue”? This is survival of the fittest, right?! Push, lads! A glance around reminds me that perhaps I can’t do that here… And just when I was getting good.

Apart from wandering London and basking in the the stiflingly warm 7C/45F weather in Edinburgh,  I’ve been spending a good deal of time thinking about what I can’t wait to do in Russia. With that said, here are my Troika New Year’s Resolutions so far:

  • Tour the major cities on the Golden Circle–at last!
  • Begin ice skating lessons and  run away with the Russian olympic team (the second part may take  little longer than a semester)
  • Visit Hillary and embark on outrageous adventures in Moscow
  • Create picture posts for some of the beautiful Orthodox cathedrals around Yaroslavl
  • Journey up north to Saint Petersburg
  • Cross country ski with Galya at her dacha–and attempt to not drop my camera while I record the frozen Russian countryside
  • Give you, dear readers, a tour of the Yaroslavl that I know

Now here’s a question: What would you like to see me do? Are there places you’d like me to photograph for you, or a cultural stereotype that you’re wondering about? Are you coming abroad to Yaroslavl and have questions about the best places eat out or the most romantic spot to take your future Russian beau/belle on a date? Let me know!

С Новым Годом, ребята!


7 Responses to “Yaroslavl New Year’s Resolutions”

  1. Аня said

    I have something to add to your list! Visit Anya and Varya!!!!!:)) As soon as possible!!:)

  2. sarahinthegoldencircle said

    I can’t believe I didn’t put that on the list! *Trip to Kharkov, Ukraine to see Anya and her brilliant baby girl* is a top priority 🙂

  3. Maggie said

    Hello! I’m Maggie and I’ll be in Yaroslavl this spring with the Middlebury program. Maybe we can be in touch before the semester begins?

  4. Heather said

    Hi Sarah! You guys crack me up; I love the bit about the queue:)

    • Heather said

      Also, feel free to drop me a line when you are thinking about heading to SPB! I’ll be around!

      • sarahinthegoldencircle said

        Hi, Heather! I’m so sorry – I don’t know how I missed your comment in January! I’ll be heading up to Peter this June. I hope you’ll still be around!

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