Yaroslavl’s Fair Elections Demonstration in Pictures

December 10, 2011

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Today, the 10th of December 2011, demonstrations calling for fair elections in Russia were held all over the country. In the city of Yaroslavl, the demonstration began at 3:00 on the Square of Youth (Площадь Юности). It was approved by the government through negotiations with demonstration leaders. Information about the protest was passed along through social networks, primarily VKontakt (the Russian equivalent to Facebook). Discreet, black-and-white signs were posted around the city preceding the event.

The demonstration was under close watch by the police. The square was barricaded with metal fences, with the only points of entry being four metal detectors. The police inspected bags and purses while protestors filed in. Speakers called for fair elections and declared the results of the December 4th elections the results of corrupt dealings on the part of United Russia. The speakers were careful to state that they did not want revolution and were met with chants of “Нет революции!” “No revolution!” They simply wanted fair elections.

Reporting from the Golden Circle,


2 Responses to “Yaroslavl’s Fair Elections Demonstration in Pictures”

  1. Debbie said

    You are brave. Be careful.

  2. sarahinthegoldencircle said

    Something I recently discovered that I would like to add: there were apparently military trucks and policemen ready and waiting on Улица Республиканская (Republican Street) today, just out of sight of the protest. This information comes from two close friends who live at separate addresses on this street and walked by the trucks and police this afternoon.

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