Election Posters

November 19, 2011

I made sure to get similar sizes for comparison: judge for yourself how alike they look…

Elections: Deputies of the State Duma (Parliament) of the Russian Federation; Vote for Russia! Vote for Yourself!

United Russia No.6: Progressing/Advancing for Life, for People

The flag in the upper left hand corner is almost the same, and besides the color scheme, the pale blue buildings and dark blue people in front of them are the same on both posters. Not-So-Subliminal-Messaging: Voting = Voting for United Russia.


2 Responses to “Election Posters”

  1. Gaelan Chutter-Ames said

    I’m struck by how these, at first glance, look like Ben and Jerry’s ads…I think its the color scheme/soft contrast. They also seem kinda large for political ads (at least compared to Vermont, but then again thats probably to be expected)

  2. Grace G said

    I just read an article about this ad campaign, it was judged not illegal

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