Seen in Moscow

September 26, 2011

Seen in Moscow:

  •  A man ride his unicycle up to the metro entrance, then pick it up and walk in
  •  Police on horseback riding in front of Red Square
  • Ambulances stuck in traffic – NOT a reassuring sight if I ever need medical attention
  • A woman already wearing her fur coat – it’s only September, lady! Rumor has it that the weather gets colder than this…
  • An ad stating “Big family – big happiness” (Большая семья – большое счастье) – pretty explicit message, wouldn’t you say?
  • NO ONE eating in public, neither on the streets nor the metro
  • An inordinate amount of PDA (see Hillary’s Metro-Taking Rule #1)
  • Small children navigating both the city and the Russian language which much more finesse than I ever hope to achieve
  • An H&M ad – in which the model was downright plump in comparison with the incredibly skinny Muscovite women I pass on the street
  • A man in the passage between metro stations, playing a modified version of the Hymn of the Soviet Union on the trumpet

Also seen in Moscow – (me at the Kremlin)

When speaking Russian here, I am very much living in the future. I will call you, we will go there…We plan and promise much more than we talk about what we did the other day. I also might be more sensitive to my use of the future tense because I seem to make so many mistakes with it! In Russian, the future is either the verb “to be” used with the infinitive, or the verb conjugated in the future tense (that’s the really short explanation). Unfortunately, it’s much harder to come up with the conjugated forms, and much easier to just use the verb combination, which is, sadly, rarely the one I need. In English, the future is “I will go,” which makes the natural translation the first of my verb options – again, sadly, rarely the correct one. I have about 8 months of future left here in Russia, so I’m thinking I’ll get the use of the future tense down pat by the end…

Until I read another couple chapters of The Master and Margarita – goals are being gradually accomplished, Nate! But we’ve got a whole year…



One Response to “Seen in Moscow”

  1. Carol Ames said

    Thank you all for giving us here at home such a personal view of Russia and her people. I am enjoying the blogs tremendously.

    Carol Ames

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