Tickets, Tickets, Tickets

September 21, 2011

Today was a huge success in buying tickets: 3 lovely tickets to the opera, theatre and a concert respectively. I came to Moscow mainly for the access to plays, ballet, and really good classical music, and now those plans are all falling into place. I found a concert with Shostakovich’s Fourth Symphony (along with Beethoven’s 4th – not too shabby), Tchaikovsky’s opera Evgenii Onegin at the Bolshoi, and Chekov’s The Seagull at the Maly Teatre. Finding a couple more plays and a ballet are on the agenda for this weekend… The professor of my Russian Culture class lectured about the theatre last week, and asserted that going to the theatre and liking the theatre is a Russian tradition – if you don’t like it, you simply never say so. The lovely older women at the theatre box offices (кассы), are such a welcome change from the perenially pissed-off at the metro ticket offices. Marina’s response was, “Ну, это театр, Лара…” i.e. It’s the theatre, of course they are incredibly pleasant. Buying tickets was incredibly easy – advice for future purchasers is definitely to head straight to the box office at the theatre, skipping any online middlemen. Tickets will be cheaper, you’ll know how to get to the hall come the night of the performance, and you’ll feel so proud of yourself afterwards! (I’m clearly still bathing in the afterglow).

Moscow is definitely starting to feel, if not like home, then at least like a semi-permanent residence instead of a vacation. Two people asked me for directions today (not unusual or the first time), and I was able to quickly and accurately communicate how to get to the nearest metro station (very definitely the first time). Disclaimer – both times we were within 3 minutes of my apartment, and I therefore knew very well how to get to the nearest metro station…. As I’m walking around the city, places are looking familiar, and I can figure out how to get around easily without a map (at least in the large section of the city between the Kremlin and my apartment). I’m getting to know the other players on my soccer team much better and the girls at least are happy quizzing me about the Black Eyed Peas (about whom I know next to nothing) and in general about English pronunciation.

To the couple really intensely making out in front of me on the metro during rush hour on Monday night – really? The metro car is packed with people, I can’t move anywhere, and honestly have no other options for my line of sight other than the two of you. Etiquette on the metro is pretty flexible – some people do give up their seats for older women, and especially for moms with young kids, but sometimes not. Hillary’s new Metro-Taking Rule Number 1: Refrain from PDA while crammed like sardines in a metro car.

Quick food note: My latest new Russian foods are пирог с вышней[1] and колцо с творогом[2], both sweet pastries and both impossible to dislike. For dinner, Maria made potatoes with dill (very traditional, found in all deli-type stores here), which we ate with salted salmon, which was a moister version of smoked salmon – yum. Milk products in Russia in general have met my very high expectations: my taste buds are loving the high milk fat content. My host mom bought 3.5% milk for a while, then brought home a liter of 1.5%… At home, 1% does me just fine, but after that deliciously fatty milk for a week, my cereal just did not taste the same. Even yogurt, ordinary brand, run-of-the-mill Russian yogurt is SO delicious – I already know transitioning back to milk products when I return home will be tough. Vermont apples, however, definitely still win out over anything I’ve found over here.

Until I’ve found some more theatre tickets,


[1] Pirog with cherries (think cherry pie flavor, but with a more bready outside)

[2] ring with tvorog – pastry with tvorog, a milk product blend mainly consisting of cottage cheese but so much sweeter and more delicious, general idea of a cream puff but WAY better


2 Responses to “Tickets, Tickets, Tickets”

  1. Oh man, you reminded me that I need to start buying tickets for the opera. I can’t wait for your blog post afterwards! And I’m jealous of your good milk products – here, the dairy is very tricky. Rancid butter and cream is way too common, and I miss good yogurt! We do, however, have some pretty fantastic citrus. 🙂

    Keep posting about food and classical music! I could survive on those alone.

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