Hairdryers “Я” Us

August 27, 2011

After Nate’s sensible male perspective on packing, I feel obligated as one of the two females on this blog to answer the questions such as to whether or not to bring your hairdryer to Russia. For now, all I can tell you is what I am and am not packing. I’ll let you know later what worked out (and, inevitably, what didn’t)!

So, how about that hairdryer? As a California girl in Middlebury, I picked up a lot outside the classrooms as well as inside. One of the life lessons I learned was that in Vermont, your hair can and will freeze in the winter if you’re too lazy to dry it. Oh, yes. It happened. And I have a feeling there’s a parallel reality in Russia. Will I bring a hairdryer, though? At the moment, I’m thinking I’m just going to buy one in Russia because a) it’s one less thing to pack and b) I won’t have to worry about an adapter in the bathroom.

Of course, there’s a lot more for a girl to worry about than just hairdryers. While I usually pack very lightly (I swear!), I’m trying to be conscious of the fact that not dressing quite nicely enough could mean looking like a tourist. If possible, I would like to avoid that. Because of this, my checked bag and carry-on will be laden with a few pairs of jeans, a few nice sweaters, a warm jacket to tide me over until winter, shoes, a couple nice dresses, pajamas, and layers, layers, layers! Unfortunately, that’s just the clothing part. There will also be make-up, toiletries, a camera, a netbook, travel documents, a Russian-English dictionary and 501 Russian Verbs, adapters, Emergen-C, a gift for my host family, etc. Look, I’m working on it!

Signing out,



2 Responses to “Hairdryers “Я” Us”

  1. sarahinthegoldencircle said

    PS It’s also worth mentioning that Russia’s electricity has a different voltage and frequency from the United States, so a hairdryer with an electric motor would probably burn out pretty quickly even with an adapter. Just food for thought….

  2. salomonbabayaro said

    how did you make the backwards R very impressed

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